The newly formed U.S. Space Force is working to create an adequate defence against hypersonic missiles.


Hypersonic weapons travel more than five times the speed of sound, reducing the time taken to cover thousands of miles to a target. The unrivalled advantage of this technology also has a disadvantage. How do you defend against a hypersonic attack? The U.S. Space Force., Air Force, Navy, and the Missile Defense Agency are working together to build an effective defensive system capable of tracking and deterring hypersonic attacks. Due to the requirement to maintain security around their progress, details are not available. With the pace at which potential adversaries are developing hypersonic weaponry, all of our defence elements are equally at risk as sea, land, air, and space targets are vulnerable to attack. The U.S. Army’s evolving Integrated Battle Command System is networking radar and missile warning systems to track the flight path of a hypersonic weapon. This system may develop into an effective countermeasure for hypersonic defence..