Improve how your message is received by employing basic communications etiquette.


The saying goes, "Good manners costs you nothing, but gets you everywhere". This 2012 article is still as relevant today as when it was written. Email etiquette aims to prevent frustrations stemming from long delays in acknowledgement and re-visiting the same conversation differently in the hope of eliciting a response. Not to mention the additional stress the delays cause as deadlines loom nearer. Acknowledge your reader and be respectful - even if you weren't afforded the same respect. Check the tone of your message - give the recipient the benefit of the doubt; view who is in the email trail before replying; and lastly, ensure your message is succinct and can be read in a single window. How and what you write can affect your reputation and that of your unit and, consequently, the success or failure of your objective. Have a great day!