The US is facing a labour shortage, which might possibly be the result of a mismatch between the skills required and the skills available.


America, like Australia, has a labour shortage affecting economic recovery. The return to the new normal has caused many to quit the workforce. This labour shortage aligns with the fourth industrial revolution concept in which automation and artificial intelligence are predicted to redefine many different types of jobs. As a result, employers need to redefine how they approach job training by focussing on broad skills instead of skills with a limited shelf life. The writer of this article, Rebecca Henderson, recommends these employer solutions:

  • Move beyond hiring for a role and instead focus on workers who possess the skills needed to get the work done. 
  • Determine what skills will become obsolete soon and develop employee skills to create a more agile talent pool.

Meanwhile, employees can take more ownership of their careers by accessing technology like Randstad RiseSmart’s BrightFit platforms. This type of service enables people to find out the competencies required for in-demand jobs.