As the Russo-Ukraine War continues, the US Military and others, including Australia, can learn lessons from Ukraine's—so far—successful defence against the Russian invasion.


This article by James Stavridis, writing for Time Magazine, makes the following points:
  • The numbers of tanks and armoured vehicles destroyed by the Ukrainians are almost certainly in the thousands.
  • Russian armour has proven vulnerable to Ukraine's hand-held anti-armour weapons.
  • Ukrainian success to date is probably due to effective tactics that fuse intelligence provided by the West with portable missiles and drone systems.
  • Lost armour stocks (tanks) are difficult to replace in the short term.
  • Each Russian tank costs more than $10 million but can be destroyed with a missile that only costs about a hundred thousand dollars.
  • When conducting a balance sheet approach to warfare, it is necessary to consider how many missiles are actually fired for every Russian tank destroyed.
  • Russian soldiers killed in action are estimated to be 15,000 over five weeks. 
  • As a comparison, the U.S. lost 7,000 killed during twenty years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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