In this article, journalist Michael E. Miller examines and gives his opinion on, the man who is Australia’s new prime minister, Anthony Albanese.


This article, written for The Washington Post, makes the following points and assertions:
  • The newly sworn-in Australian prime minister is, in many ways, a ‘mirror image’ of US President Joe Biden—a Catholic with an affinity for the working class, a veteran of his centre-left party and an ‘uncharismatic campaigner who overcame stumbles’ to win Government.
  • Biden called Albanese by phone to congratulate him on his victory. The two men meet up virtually immediately in Tokyo for the latest Quad summit.
  • Mr Albanese may be Australia’s most unexpected prime minister.
  • His ‘humble roots’ could help Albanese connect with his American counterpart and put the countries on more parallel paths when it comes to combating climate change.


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