Bluetooth has been around for two decades and maintains a significant technological and market niche, but it still has fundamental flaws—which are helpful to know!


Bluetooth has become the default method for connecting devices over a short distance. This article makes the following points:

  • ABI Research estimates that 5 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices will be available to consumers this year.
  • Despite its longevity and utility, the technology is still prone to issues:
  • Has a short range, as Bluetooth options function at lower power and can only connect at limited distances.
  • Bluetooth signals travel over unlicensed airwaves, which are effectively open to the public for anyone to use.
  • Bluetooth must share and compete with many other products using unlicensed spectrum bands, which may generate interference.
  • Cybersecurity issues can arise when transmitting data wirelessly.
  • Sometimes a device will start up automatically, which can cause security problems.
  • Despite its flaws, Bluetooth will continue as the primary way of connecting the  Internet of Things and most smart devices.


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