Returning to the workplace after periods of remote work can cause anxiety; however, understanding the psychology behind this anxiety can make the transition easier.


After more than a year of lockdowns, returning to the office, even after short periods of working remotely, can cause anxiety. In this article, Alison Boyes makes the following points:

  • Transitions naturally tend to increase our anticipatory anxiety.
  • Whenever you’ve avoided something, you’ll feel anxious about returning to it.
  • Some may feel anxious about making small talk or managing other people’s personalities at work.
  • Social relationships and boundaries may have changed.
  • People’s circumstances and natures are now different, so your perspective won’t be identical to someone else’s.
  • People will have different insights about working from home compared to going into work each day. 
  • Managers should be acutely aware of the difficulties of transitioning back into the office and the new insights people can bring into the workplace. 
  • Returning remote workers can be reassured by this article that there are difficulties in transitioning, and others might also share feelings of anxiety.