Artificial Intelligence enhances a teacher's performance but can't replace a real teacher's ability to adapt and connect.



There is a growing shortage of teachers in Australia, not just in maths and science. So is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the answer?

AI teachers (the mechanical teacher) can:

  • Undertake a diagnostic test to tailor the curriculum.
  • Improve student outcomes.
  • 'Teach' at the level it's programmed.
  • Improve efficiency by freeing up the human teacher to provide 'one on one attention.

What they can't do:

  • Adapt quickly to meet the student's needs.
  • Read student emotions.
  • Provide additional help if a student does not understand a concept.
  • Inspire their pupils.

A good teacher:

  • Is adaptable and enhances understanding and social skills.
  • Collaborates and builds a rapport with their students.
  • Is friendly and 'connects' with pupils.
  • Listens, disciplines and is patient.

AI in China:

  • Uses facial recognition technology to mark the roll and enrol new students.
  • Analyses teachers as they teach and monitors their and their students' performance.