Leadership strategist Elizabeth Hartke lists five rites of passage she says every leader must go through and why they're essential to creating the organisation of your dreams.


Leadership and business strategist Elizabeth Hartke knows that most business owners open their doors with a sense of excitement. They have dreams for a brighter future and believe that hard work is the road to success. But hard work doesn’t always achieve your goal. After nearly a decade of working with small business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs, Hartke says she has identified the five most powerful rites of passage. When these are embraced, help to forge strong leaders who will stand the test of time. The 5 rites of passage are:

  1. Growing pain of rejection
  2. Growing pain of uncomfortable situations
  3. Growing pain of difficult conversations
  4. Growing pain of asking for help
  5. Growing pain of recalibrating your life

In this article, Hartke explains these five rites in more detail and believes that when leaders acquire these skills, they can develop their full leadership potential.