The untapped energy source that could power the planet.

15 min Source: TEDMonterey AUG 21
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Large-scale geothermal energy production could reduce global warming, provide clean energy where needed, and improve people's lives across the world.


The earth's core is the same temperature as the sun-6000 degrees C. Fortunately the earth's crust insulates us. However, we could utilise this Green geothermal energy. Key points are: 
  • It is already in use, i.e. Iceland.
  • It could be available relatively easily to access across the world.
  • A potentially disruptive technology that several tech startups are already researching.
  • Could provide energy where needed, reduce the impact of climate change and help developing nations by providing power to many more people.
  • Thermal energy needs hot, porous rocks and water.
  • A variety of different extractions methods are being used.
  • One method is to use a closed-loop system that is similar to a radiator.
  • Existing oil drilling technology could be repurposed to produce geothermal energy.
  • Incremental improvements are standard practice in oil drilling.
  • Directional oil drilling technology reduces environmental impacts.
  • Oil companies are already funding geothermal technology.
  • Provides an opportunity for oil companies to become environmentally friendly.