A comprehensive deep dive into the concept of emotional intelligence, providing information to develop your own EQ.


So, your PAR feedback suggested you need to develop your skills in emotional intelligence (EQ) for your current role, and to succeed in any future leadership roles. What is EQ and why does a good leader need to have it anyway? Popular belief would have it that journalist, Daniel Goleman, developed the concept of EQ. He is renowned for making the concept publicly popular in the late 1990's through the sales of his book however, the concept of EQ is attributable to Professors Peter Salovey and John D.(Jack) Mayer in 1990. Ostensibly this legitimises the concept of EQ from a tag of 'pop culture' to that of 'psychological science'. The Australian EI Institute explores what EQ is, as much as what it isn't. This comprehensive approach provides unique and helpful guidance to the aspiring or improving leader seeking to get results through people.