Tanner Simkins identifies the five skills that every manager needs: communication coaching, inclusivity, development planning, and time management.


Managers have a complex job to do, especially in the area of personnel management. As you get promoted the demands only increase. You don’t instantly have the skills to undertake the role, no matter what rank you are when you take on a new job. Simkins argues that all effective managers have the following skills:  

  • Communication: good managers can communicate effectively with both their team(s) and higher management.

  • Coaching: being coached into becoming a better coach will allow managers coach and build trust in those they manage.

  • Inclusivity: managers need to know how to include every single member of their teams.

  • Professional development planning: Managers have to grow and develop their own skills at the same times as they are helping their teams to grow.

  • Time management: One of the skills that managers need from day one.

Think about any other skills that you think that effective managers might need.