Nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) are acquired to maintain peace in the region, noting that nuclear and diesel powered submarines have been operating in the Indo-Pacific for decades—and many Southeast Asian nations have their submarine programs.


Blake Herzinger writing in the Strategist notes that:
Note the following:
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd warns of risk of 'accidental war' with China - ABC News
'The former prime minister said China's rapid militarisation has required Australia and the US, as well as other regional powers, to review their military capacity, especially in response to the expansion of China's navy.
According to the Pentagon's China Military Power November 2022 report, China's navy is currently the world's largest and now has around 340 warships and submarines, of which 12 are nuclear-powered submarines. That fleet is expected to grow to 400 ships in the next two years.' 


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