Strategic influence is a nation's ability to shape others' decisions to advance its own interests. It is crucial for Australia due to its geopolitical position and global interests. Australia relies on strategic partnerships, alliances, and international institutions to protect its security, promote stability, and contribute to global issues. By exerting influence through diplomacy, aid, and military capabilities, Australia can shape regional dynamics, foster alliances with the US, Japan, and Southeast Asian nations, and contribute to a rules-based global order. Strategic influence safeguards Australia's interests and enables its active participation in a changing world.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) plays a crucial role in enhancing Australia's strategic influence. Through its strong and capable military, the ADF serves as a deterrent to potential threats and demonstrates Australia's commitment to defending its sovereignty and interests. Additionally, the ADF actively engages in international peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief efforts, showcasing Australia as a responsible global actor. The ADF strengthens strategic partnerships and builds military interoperability by participating in cooperative defence activities, joint exercises, and military training with allied nations. Furthermore, the ADF's contributions to intelligence gathering, cybersecurity, and counterterrorism efforts bolster Australia's influence by fostering trust and cooperation with international partners. Overall, the ADF's efforts enable Australia to protect its national security, promote stability, and assert its regional and global influence.