"Armageddon and OKRA: Australia’s Air Operations in the Middle East a Century Apart" by Lewis Frederickson, chronicles Royal Australian Air Force's campaigns. Part of RAAF's centenary celebration, it's designed to be accessible, visually engaging, educational, and timeless.


  1. The book, divided into two parts, explores Australian air power during WWI, particularly No.1 Squadron AFC in the Middle East, and the RAAF's involvement in Operation OKRA against ISIS from 2014-2018.
  2. The first part delivers a comprehensive analysis of No.1 Squadron's operations during WWI, discussing aircraft, maintenance, weapons, and the influence of German opposition.
  3. The second part provides detailed scrutiny of the RAAF's role in Operation OKRA, emphasizing command-and-control dynamics and the intricacies of daily air operations.
  4. Although informative, the book lacks critical examination of the RAAF's operations, often accentuating positive aspects while neglecting potential negatives, suggesting future works should compare No.1 Squadron's operations in different alliances.
  5. Despite these shortcomings, the book is praised for its readability, enriching illustrations, and valuable contributions to RAAF history, especially concerning Operation OKRA, though more critical and analytical perspectives are recommended for future iterations.


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