Updated 08 September 2023


FromAir and Space Power Centre (airforce.gov.au)
AIR POWER – the total strength of a nation’s capability to conduct and influence activities in, through and from the air to achieve its objectives..........Chapter One: The Air Power Manual 7th Edition | Air and Space Power Centre (airforce.gov.au)
Note: AIR AND SPACE POWER: COLLECTIONS | The Runway (airforce.gov.au)
The purpose of this collection is to provide links to recent articles on the web—from both expert and non-expert but credible sources—about air power and topics related to air power. Reading articles from credible news sites about air power might help to do the following:
  • Highlight how non-military writers report on air power developments.
  • Uncover biases or misconceptions in mainstream air power narratives.
  • Shows the potential for understanding or misunderstanding of air power stories or articles.
  • Demonstrate the media's influence on shaping air power perceptions.
  • Offers insight into gaps or inaccuracies in online military air power stories.