MTUAS contribute to the overall effectiveness of joint air power projection in the maritime domain.


Air Force does not have a monopoly on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). While air power remains the Air Force’s core business, UAS are employed across all domains where reach, endurance and perspective are required. They are also employed to mitigate air power's shortcoming - impermanence. For Navy, embarked Maritime Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (MTUAS) have the potential to provide persistent input into the maritime common operating picture, congruent with a warships ability to poise and persist. Pathfinder Issue 280 by the Air Power Development Centre, discusses the MTUAS and its contribution to the joint force when combined with Air Force and Army UAS. The MTUAS is expected to augment certain Navy and Air Force air power assets under emerging joint operating concepts. How specifically could the MTUAS provide an asset for Air Force?