1. Adaptability: Ability to change strategies swiftly based on external/internal factors.
  2. Proactive Evolution: Anticipating market changes before they happen.
  3. Dynamic Capabilities: Harnessing resources and competences to address emerging opportunities.
  4. Responsive Decision-making: Making quick decisions based on real-time data.
  5. Stakeholder Alignment: Keeping all internal and external stakeholders in sync with strategy shifts.
  6. Embracing Uncertainty: Recognizing and exploiting the opportunities that uncertainty presents.
  7. Fluid Organizational Structures: Having structures that can easily be reshaped.
  8. Iterative Learning: Incorporating feedback and learning from every strategic action.
  9. Balanced Risk-taking: Willingness to take calculated risks without jeopardizing the core business.
  10. Competitive Differentiation: Continuously reinventing the value proposition to stay ahead.