Agile Combat Employment is a concept gaining traction within the USAF and impacts the way their Air Force plans, prepares and responds to threats. The change of focus to a more agile model means that logisticians especially must be able to employ logistics support from adaptive bases and often in a contested environment.


Key Points:
  1. The USAF Logistics Officer Association seeks to advance professional development among Logisticians.
  2. Owing to recent changes in global politics, the USAF has re-evaluated its readiness strategies.
  3. ACE indicates a significant shift from traditional Main Operating Bases (MOB) in projecting air power.
  4. USAF Logisticians must prepare to support operations in challenging and potentially hostile settings with minimal notice.
  5. ACE's efficacy hinges on every member's ability to make reliable decisions, especially when C2 lines are compromised.