Australia is entering a new age of warfare, deemed the "missile age". The Defence Strategic Review has triggered a significant shift in strategy, with the focus shifting to the Indo-Pacific. The north will be "hardened," and Australia will build its own long-range strike force. The navy will also be reshaped, and more funds will be allocated to Defence. The review also acknowledges the threat of climate change to the military's resources.


Jake Evans writing for the ABC notes the following:
  • Australia's military is transforming itself for a new age of warfare where more focus will be put on missiles.
  • The Defence Strategic Review calls for urgent re-arming as Australia is not ready for the new military age.
  • China's military build-up is the greatest of any nation since WWII, and Australia is not equipped to face it alone.
  • Long-range precision strike weapons have "radically reduced" Australia's natural geographic advantage.
  • The "missile age" has removed the "comfort of distance" for Australia, and threats to trade and supply routes are of greater concern.
  • The government will "harden the north" and re-prioritise defence spending on developing northern bases and ports.
  • Australia will build a long-range strike force to project power into its seas without relying on allies.
  • Defence spending will increase in the next decade, with $19 billion allocated for implementing the proposals from the Defence Strategic Review.
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