The strategic advantage that can be gained from professional military education provides a capability edge in the modern battlespace.


This article from the UK site the Wavell Room named after one of the British Army’s most academic senior officers  FM Wavell,  provides a forum for military specialists to share their views. The Australian site The Cove sponsored by the Australian Army, partners with the Wavell Room. The Wavell Room exercises an editorial function, but it also allows its writers a degree of anonymity. This allows military personnel to freely express their opinions without compromising their careers. This article notes that ‘Thinking has never been so important. Modern warfare happens at lightning speed, effects are almost instant, information is quickly out of date and the operating environment is a confusing grey, multi-dimensional space’. The author argues that PME is an enabler through its goal of creating strategic thinkers at all levels. Historically, strategic thinking has shaped wars, and the 21st-century battlespace, more than ever, will require strategic thinkers.