Ukrainian fighters are using British-built Next-Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW) anti-tank launchers from their Delfast electric motorcycles. The bikes are being used to help soldiers deploy close to enemy vehicles and defensive positions.


This article by Peter Suciu, writing for 19FortyFive, makes the following points:
  • Known for being among the first successful mass-produced electric motorbikes, the Ukrainian-based Delfast successfully set a Guinness world record, breaking a 367km distance on a single charge.
  • Delfast e-bikes were designed to go off-road and thus are well-suited to hit-and-run strikes against Russian military columns.
  • Electric bikes are also far quieter than two-stroke gasoline-powered dirt bikes which allow a team to get close to an enemy unit, use the portable rocket launcher and retreat quickly.
According to a report from Electrek, which covers all things in the world of electric vehicles, e-bikes are already being embraced by militaries around the world.


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