This article argues that Russia has been fighting a hybrid war against Ukraine for the last eight years without the rest of the world showing any real concern.


This article from DW makes the following points:
  • Putin is attacking Ukraine at all levels, including social media, cyber and disinformation, to create his narrative.
  • Russian "Wiper" malware, probably developed by November 2021, erases an entire hard drive making it inoperable.
  • Ministries, banks, etc., targeted.
  • DDoS, or denial of service, attacks flood an organisation with requests for information, paralysing them.
  • Embedded metadata shows Putin and Donetsk separatists pre-recorded staged emergencies.
  • In a modern strategy of attrition, Ukraine is put under as much hybrid pressure as possible, aiming to push Ukraine back to Russia.
  • Ukraine's westward orientation has been economically successful, further spooking Putin.
  • The pro-European Maidan Revolution encouraged young Ukrainian entrepreneurs and Western investment.


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Source Deutsche Welle (DW)