The Australian Government has decided to replace all of the ADF's troubled Taipan helicopters with off-the-shelf, US manufactured Black Hawk and Sea Hawk helicopters.


Defence Minister Peter Dutton announced that the Australian Army will replace its  MRH-90 Taipan with  Sikorsky USA manufactured Blackhawks. This follows the Australian Government's decision to replace the RAN's  MRH-90 Taipan helicopters with US-made SeaHawk aircraft. This article makes the following points:

The Army currently has 41 Taipans in service, which operates out of Townsville and Oakey in Queensland, and are also flown by the 6th Aviation Regiment in Sydney.

The Taipan has been a 'project of concern' for the past decade.

Defence will scrap all 47 European-designed Taipans currently used by Army and Navy.

Australia will purchase up to 40 new off-the-shelf Blackhawk helicopters to replace the Taipans.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says getting up to 40 new Blackhawks will send a clear message to Australia's partners and our adversaries that the Australian Defence Force is serious about defending Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the decision was made in the interest of Australia's national security. 

Replacing the Taipans is a clear signal the Australian Government considers defence capability 'a high priority'.

In October, the US revealed it had approved a $1.3 billion export to Australia of 12 Sikorsky-built Romeo Seahawk helicopters, to replace the RAN's Taipans. 



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