Read-it-later apps are the solution to storing and reading online articles.


Ever stumble across an article but didn’t have time to read it immediately? Several apps allow you to send articles to a reading queue. But which are the best? Zapier has listed what is, in their opinion, the four best reading queue apps on the market today:

Pocket for turning articles into a podcast. Pocket is the most feature-complete read-it-later app on the market, and there are apps for every browser and mobile operating system.

Instapaper for speed reading. The unique feature here is the speed reading button, which flashes one word at a time in quick succession.

Email This for using your inbox as your reading list. 

Safari Reading List for Apple loyalists. Safari is the default Apple browser but is not the most advanced read-it-later service available.

Also, see interview with Pocket founder Nate Weiner to learn more.


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