To date, in 2021, Australia has experienced record sales of e-bikes, which appears to signal a positive lifestyle change for many Australians.


Recent sales of e-bikes might be linked to an increased interest in exercising during Covid-19, but it could also indicate a broader trend in people seeking a healthier lifestyle. Many purchasers are first-time bike users. The e-bike offers them the opportunity to save money on transport, reduce carbon emissions, avoid close contact with people on public transport and engage in a healthy lifestyle. E-bikes allow people—especially in warmer weather—to arrive at work looking and feeling fresh. E-bikes also provide a fitness option for those suffering from medical issues. In Australia, people are finding e-bikes a good choice. Commuters can now travel further and faster on modern e-bikes. The increased range and affordability of e-bikes and a desire to enhance general well-being provide good reasons for buying an e-bike. However, people need to remember that they are vulnerable on an e-bike and should always wear appropriate safety clothing, see Electric bikes are all the rage. But are they good exercise and are they safe?


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