Okinawa in Japan and Sardinia in Italy are two of the places famous for having a high number of centenarians. However, these so-called 'Blue Zones' might not appear to be what they claim, and fraud and lying might be why these places seem to have a lot of centenarians.


This article by Dr Saul Newman, writing for RNZ, makes the following points:
  • study by Dr Saul Newman, a researcher at the Australian National University, suggests the records in some of these blue zones aren't kept particularly well. And in some cases, people are simply lying about their age.
  • Fraud and data error might also be why these regions have claimed higher longevity rates.
  • Okinawa, for example, is famous for having extreme longevity. But if you look at the statistics from within Japan, they have the shortest' average' lifespan.
  • Dr Newman said the problem with longevity claims in particular regions had led to wasted research.


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