Employers need to prioritise health and wellbeing and understand that employees want to be engaged in meaningful work while maintaining a good work/life balance.


This article lists seven moments organisations need to recognise regarding employee health and wellness:
  1. Managers affect an employee's heart, mind and energy level. An inconsiderate, critical manager is more damaging than almost anything else.
  2. Regular breaks positively affect an employee's energy levels throughout the day, and more significant breaks in the form of vacation days need to be a priority.
  3. How a manager responds to requests for time off sends a clear message to how you care about their health and wellbeing. 
  4. Managers must communicate they won't be contacting employees out of hours unless it's an emergency.
  5. Organisations that look after their workers by providing  programsservices and memberships convey a message to their workers that health and wellbeing are important.
  6. Information and technology overload is real. Implement technology-free workdays, meetings and turn off emails at lunch and overnight.
  7. A company should always try to listen to their people and have a good idea of how employees feel.