As the invasion of Ukraine continues, Washington, the EU and NATO will be closely watching China’s statements for clues as to what role China might play in the 2022 Russo-Ukraine Conflict.


This article by Anastasia Kapetas, writing for ASPI, makes the following points:
  • China and Russia’s ‘no limits’ statement made it clear that the two countries share a fundamental worldview that opposes the expansion of both NATO and democracy.
  • This month, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, affirmed the Russia–China partnership would endure and grow, despite how ‘challenging the international situation may be’.
  • China is pursuing a delicate balance between its strategic and economic relationship with Russia while maintaining key (Western) economic relationships.
  • Beijing will need to decide how to handle Russia’s political and economic isolation as international outrage at Putin’s invasion reaches fever pitch. 


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Source: Strategist (ASPI)