Environmentally-friendly aircraft, autonomous vehicles, working from home, and easier online shopping are on the way.



This article looks at four technological trends as follows:

  • Aerospace 
    • Aerospace companies are working on environmentally friendly technology. 
    • For Airbus, its hydrogen-powered aircraft and long-range medium-altitude drones. 
    • Rolls-Royce is investing in 482 kph + electric aircraft.
  • Autonomous vehicles 
    • Phoenix has 300+ autonomous vehicles operating. 
    • Shanghai has driverless taxis.
    • Advanced vehicles are being tested in topographically and environmentally challenging environments. 
    • Amazon is developing autonomous taxis and automated food delivery.
  • Remote working 
    • Companies worldwide expect at least 25%, of their staff to work from home, full-time or part-time. 
    • Expect new software features to increase security and provide better IT support.
  • Shopping 
    • Amazon plans to expand its check out free service in real non-virtual (RNV) stores.
    • More RNV stores are likely to start introducing virtual scanning and billing.

Can you think of any more technology trends that are likely to become available during 2021?