The use of airborne vehicles to overcome traffic congestion has been predicted for many years. However, air taxis are now being tried in Seoul.


South Korea is planning to introduce flying taxis in Seoul by 2025. Seoul is well placed to trial flying taxis as it already has a highly developed transport infrastructure and a highly educated and technology aware population. Air taxis will be phased in as follows:
  • The first phase will consist of piloted air taxis flying along an air corridor between Seoul’s airport and the centre of Seoul a distance of 48 km.
  • The second phase will introduce more routes, and air taxis will be remotely piloted.
  • The third phase will use air taxis that are fully autonomous and would be a true taxi service operating between transport hubs.
Seoul  plans to allocate air space as follows:
  • Small delivery and hobby drones will be allowed to operate from the skyline to 150 metres.
  • Air taxis will be allowed from 400 – 600 metres.
  • Above 600 metres will be exclusively for aircraft.
Consider whether air taxis are likely to have a future in Australian cities.