This article covers tech that was fixed in 2020 and tech that needs fixing; it also looks at some developments which the article describes as ‘creepy’.


Some technology changes spurred on by the impact of COVID-19 are:

  • Zoom meeting quality and security are better. 
  • Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex all updated and are an alternative to Zoom. 
  • E- scooters and bikes are more popular, and councils are learning how to manage these vehicles.
  • Fitbits and Apple Watches are continually being upgraded to help manage your health.
  • Fitness equipment is now being linked to high-quality videos and virtual training assistants.
  • Foldable phones that open to provide an enlarged screen have been released, but their hinges' fragility is still a problem.
  • 5G comes in slow and fast versions but still needs work.
  • Amazon's Halo bracelet listens to your conversations and tells you how you might be sounding to other people. The article describes this sort of tech as 'creepy'. See: Video calls, creepy Amazon gadgets:

Think about how the ADF might benefit from 2020 technology developments.