The USAF has recently (Apr 2021) released its new doctrine; the Chief of Staff of the USAF, Gen Charles Brown, notes that this doctrine serves as a a new cornerstone of airpower philosophy’.


The following article is recommended as part of your Wirraway Air and Space Power studies. This article from  The USAF Air Force Magazine quotes an email from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr as follows:

‘The updated document, referred to as Air Force Doctrine Publication 1, or AFDP-1, distills two volumes of airpower doctrine (Volume 1 and Volume 2) down to 20 pages. It highlights the critical role of joint all-domain operations, looks to empower Airmen to challenge the status quo by rapidly putting innovative new ideas into action, and makes the Air Force’s new Agile Combat Employment strategy a foundational operating concept’. 

You can download the new USAF Doctrine here:

US Air Force Doctrine Publication 1 – The Air Force