Satellite imagery is continuing to disclose information about the secret development of Chinese military aircraft.



  1. J-20S Twin-Seat Stealth Fighter: After years of speculation, images have confirmed the existence of a twin-seat variant of China's J-20 stealth fighter. This marks the first successful flight of a twin-seat fifth-generation fighter aircraft.
  2. Overall Design: The J-20S maintains the general size and configuration of the original single-seat J-20, based on preliminary images.
  3. J-XY Carrier-borne Stealth Fighter: Known to be developed from the FC-31 technology demonstrator, this fifth-generation fighter, referred to as J-35 or J-XY, is confirmed to be intended for aircraft carrier use through visible catapult launch bar and wing fold lines.
  4. Mysterious Tailless Airframe: Satellite imagery has revealed a tailless aircraft at Chengdu with a large delta wing and no visible tails or horizontal stabilizers, suggesting potential sixth-generation aircraft development. Its function and flyability are yet to be confirmed.
  5. Upcoming H-20 Stealthy Strategic Bomber: The much-anticipated H-20 stealth bomber is expected to debut within the next two years. Advanced stages of construction for prototype airframes have been reported.


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