The US strategic superiority over China is being challenged by total competition measures.


China will almost certainly try to hinder America's ability to project military power into the Western Pacific while also attempting to undermine US relations with its allies. China is waging a whole-of-society 'total competition' to achieve economic pre-eminence through 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D manufacturing and quantum computing. Total competition comprises five dimensions: economic, legal, psychological, military (especially maritime), and informational. Information cuts across all the aspects of the strategy and all activities. The growing importance of big data, narrative, cyber warfare, AI, quantum and other issues explains why China's total competition is aimed at information dominance. Reliant as the Australian economy is on China, how do you see Australian Government agencies, particularly the ADF, countering China's power? While allied to the US, do we need a discrete, national strategy based on 'soft power' or 'grey zone' strategies?