This article argues that the United States will be opening an embassy in the Solomon Islands for an ‘on the ground ‘presence to counter Chinese influence


This article from ABC news makes the following points concerning the Solomon Islands:
  • The US will open an embassy, initially with seven staff.
  •  Currently, US diplomats from Papua New Guinea are accredited to the Solomon Islands.
  •  There was a US embassy in Honiara from 1988-1993.
  •  It’s the largest Pacific Island nation without a US Embassy.
  •  Builds on links established in WW2.
  •  Part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the US.
  •  The US Peace Corps plans to return.
  •  Some US Government Departments will have a Solomon Islands desk
  •  China "aggressively seeks to engage" elite politicians and business people in the Solomon Islands.
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