This article argues that Elon Musk’s promises may be ahead of his ability to deliver and that as Starlink expands across the globe, so does his power.


This article by Marina Koren from The Atlantic makes the following points:
  • Ukraine asked  Elon Musk to make his Starlink satellite broadband service available due to Russia's attack.
  • In under 12 hours, Musk announced, "Starlink service is now active in Ukraine," and sent more satellite dishes, receiving much praise.
  • He is almost acting like a state of his own that can provide humanitarian aid worldwide.
  • But for all his wealth, Musk doesn't have a 'magic wand'.
  • A Starlink kit costs $499 and monthly fees of $99.
  • Dishes must be within several hundred miles of ground stations which for Ukraine could mean neighbouring countries.
  • Dishes need a direct line of sight (without trees) with satellites passing overhead.
  • Russia is probably able to knock out the link.



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Article Source: The Atlantic

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