By sending COVID-19 vaccines to over 60 countries, India hoped to be recognised as a global player, but this has now backfired as India desperately needs vaccines for itself.


India is the world’s largest vaccine producer. Two months ago, millions of Covid-19 vaccines were being exported to over 60 countries in its ‘Vaccine Maitri’ (Vaccine Friendship), designed to promote India as a global power and leader. COVID -19 is now out of control and India’s soft power diminished. The articles notes the following as contributing to the spread of covid-19 in India:

  • Everyday life resumed too quickly after the first wave.
  • Superstition replaced science-based policies.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) advice ignored.
  • Over-centralisation prevented states from using local knowledge.
  • People ignored lockdown requirements.
  • State governments were given responsibility without funding. 
  • Relief entity ‘PM CARES’ not transparent.
  • Super-spreader events proliferated.
  • India didn’t increase vaccine production.
  • Import of foreign vaccines initially prevented.
  • Vaccines distributed according to a political agenda rather than on a covid-19 needs basis.