The US Navy is researching and developing a new large surface combatant class with a greater range than existing vessels and state of the art weapon systems.


The around 90 Aegis combat system equipped Ticonderoga and Arleigh Burke class  cruisers and destroyers are a backbone of the US Navy. The DDG(X) program (X denoting no final design) is the next-generation program planned to replace some of them.  Key points:

  • Initial ship procurement aimed for 2028/9.
  • Increased weapons over Flight III Arleigh Burke.
  • Less than or more than 12,700 tons displacement (Hobart Class 7000 tons).
  • Hull designed to affordably upgrade weapons and systems.
  • Increased range, fuel efficiency and power for electric weapons.
  • Integrated propulsion system.
  • Production of Flight 111 Arleigh Burke’s will continue until after DDG(X) procurement
  • Large surface combatants (LSCs) refers to cruisers and destroyers which increasingly have overlapping size and capability.
  • Likely built at General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works and Huntington Ingalls Industries/Ingalls Shipbuilding.
  • Cost of $2.9 billion in constant FY2021 dollars (Congressional Budget Office).
  • FY2022 National Defense Authorization Act recommends funding research and development.

Worth noting and remembering the following:

  • The USN expects to commission the 3rd of its controversial Zumwalt (DDG-1000) class destroyers this year.


Source Information: Congressional Research Service