The 3 Happiness Myths

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The belief that humans are able to be in a permanent state of happiness is neither possible, nor ‘natural’. In this video, the presenter debunks what he calls ‘The 3 Happiness Myths’ and provides alternatives for consideration.


Most of us vehemently pursue happiness – whatever our idea of that happens to be. However, is it even possible to be happy all the time and indeed is it even our natural state? Dr Russ Harris debunks what he calls ‘The 3 Happiness Myths’ and explains that holding on to popular beliefs about happiness will make you miserable. He explains that depending on your idea of happiness, you may never actually achieve it. Instead, we need to accept we will regularly experience a range of emotions, with happiness being just one of them. Dr Harris’ own definition of ‘happiness’ is worth pondering too. It may actually assist us to feel more content by helping to accept that experiencing a range of emotions is more natural than trying to remain in a state of perpetual happiness.