Battle of the Coral Sea - Panel Discussion

54 min Source: YouTube
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The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first naval battle fought by aircraft from carriers. Are there any lessons for today’s Air Force?


An expert panel consisting of Professor Tom Frame (convenor) and including VADM Peter Jones, RADM James Goldrick and LCDR Desmond Woods discuss the myths of The Battle of the Coral Sea - 04 – 08 May 1942. The panel notes the strategic impact of this battle in cementing the Australian-US alliance. The panel suggests that this emanated from the inclusion of RAN ships in an action group under an Australian commander, RADM John Crace. In this video note the signals intelligence and the Australian link, with respect to Japanese intentions. What lessons does this battle have for the Australia's Air Force and Navy today? Would Air Force ISR and strike assets— such as MQ-4C Triton, P-8 Poseidon and F-35A networked with Navy Hobart class DDGs—be able to deter and defeat a hostile maritime aviation force in Australia's area of interest?