In Conversation - 100 SQN - Then.Now.Always

21 min Source: RAAF
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In Conversation - 100 SQN - Then.Now.Always


In this episode of "In Conversation" by the Royal Australian Air Force, we speak with personnel from the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) 100 Squadron, which is responsible for preserving and operating historic military aircraft. Hosted by Michael Veitch, the podcast takes place at Point Cook, the birthplace of the RAAF. The episode highlights the squadron's role in preserving RAAF history, featuring aircraft from World War II, including the iconic P-51 Mustang.

The first guest is Wing Commander Jason Easthope, the Commanding Officer of 100 Squadron, provides insights into the squadron's history and its recent reformation in preparation for the RAAF Centenary.

The second guest is Squadron Leader Mark Lees, the Senior Engineering Officer, discusses the challenges of maintaining and ensuring the airworthiness of 80-year-old aircraft.

Finally, the third guest is Flying Officer Kristi Adam, the Personnel Capability Officer, highlights the squadron's efforts to engage with the public and educate younger generations about the RAAF's heritage and aviation history.