In Conversation: Hugh White on How to Defend Australia

65 min Source: Lowly Institute


Australia's strategic defence policy needs to address the future implications of the current geopolitical climate.


Global power competition between the United States and China poses several challenges for Australia’s security. China has made us, and itself, rich and the United States has made us safe. Will we be forced to choose between them? How will this affect how we defend Australia in the future? The implications the answers hold are realised by strategic planners when looking at future military capability and force structure requirements, as well as regional diplomacy efforts. The Lowly Institute recently explored these questions, interviewing Hugh White AO; Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University. Professor White has served as a senior advisor to Defence Minister Kim Beazley, Prime Minister Bob Hawke and was Defence Deputy Secretary for Strategy and Intelligence 1995-2000. His often candid views cut to the chase as he discusses the rise of China versus the relative decline of US power and what this means for Australia. He deliberates whether Australia’s security should depend on the US and considers alternative options for the future including an increase in Defence Expenditure.


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