Diversity Doesn't Need Gravity

60 min Source: CoTR Podcast
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The value and impact of diversity should be contrasted with the value and impact of homogeneity.


"Women have to think their way into expressions." (Cassandra Steer, 2020, citing Alice Gorman). An eloquent statement capturing the unconscious bias embedded in our language today, having evolved over centuries, and heralding from cultures historically led by men. No longer sustainable nor appealing in meeting the 21st century intellectual and workforce challenges, our fourth conversation of our space power series highlights that diversity isn't something relegated to a gravity-bound Earth. On sheer numbers alone it is logical to challenge the propensity of a future space industry dominated by white men of Western cultures.  As we showcase the myriad ways feminist intellect and achievement have furthered humankind's study and exploration of space, we also discover the valuable insights ethnic and cultural diversity brings to the longer term sustainment of the space domain. Enjoy a conversation with our guests as they delve into the art of the possible and the craft of the here-and-now. 

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