Intel Briefing: Covid-19 Impact on the Defence & Military Sector 1/3

12 min Source: YouTube Janes
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The second and third order effects of Covid-19 on delivering defence capability include long term effects on budgets, exercise and operational planning, and logistics.


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in military forces having to adapt their raise, train and sustain activities, operational deployments and exercises. In this first of three webinars, Jane's Defence (specialists in Defence information) provides a snapshot of initial developments in Covid-19 effects and makes some early predictions regarding the defence sector in the coming years. The experience of Covid-19 has also highlighted global vulnerabilities in terms of defence supply, industries, budgets, and allied interoperability through exercises. Being cognisant of these strategic level insights will inform any potential impacts at the operational level including logistics - resupply limitations/restrictions, health screening for deployments, force protection measures, freedom of manoeuvre globally, and international relations.