Intel Briefing: Covid-19 Impact Update 2/3

11 min Source: YouTube Janes
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The industry sector degrades, impacts are felt via shutdowns, program delays, and uncertainty. Malign actors and opportunists seek to exploit disruptions by breaching mobile networks, and offering medical aid to strengthen diplomatic ties.


This second of three Janes webinars, updates us on the effects of the pandemic on defence industry, one week on. We see a degrading industry sector experiencing further uncertainty, shutdowns, the prospect of economic recessions and program delays. The defence sector's main actor, the US, experiences cancellations and postponements of bilateral and other major exercises which will potentially disrupt international relations and interoperability efforts. Geopolitical developments are seen in China with private entrepreneurs providing medical assistance, whereas in Italy, Russia uses it military power to provide medical and environmental health capabilities. A potential benefit to this move may translate to favourable outcomes when the EU deliberates extending Russian sanctions in Jul 2020. The data highlights quantitative shortfalls in global capacity for medical responses and supply however, it also demonstrates qualitatively the agility and value of military engineers to mediate such shortfalls through innovative measures to rapidly construct testing and hospital facilities.