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Space Explained

60 min Source: 'Air & Space Power' - Space Series
PME Level: 3 #AirSpacePwr


Use of the space domain influences our daily lives and is the new frontier for those seeking a technological advantage however, it comes with unique challenges.


Who knew? 'Free fall' and gravity exists in space. Do you know why the vertical distances of 2,000klm, 20,000klm, and 38,786klm are important to space power effects? Tune in as our new host, renowned Australian comedian and author, Michael Veitch, gets into it with UNSW's Dr Melrose Brown and our own, WGCDR Steven Henry. Both guests bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and demonstrate why space is not only fascinating but fundamental to every airmen's understanding of how space has a role to play in almost everything we care about. From climate observation and GPS at one end of the spectrum all the way to combined-effects warfare at the other. The first in a series of nine episodes on Space Power, this episode takes an informative look at space generally. To learn more about pursuing studies on space check out UNSW postgrad courses