This article identifies five important areas regarding thinking critically: Observation, Analysis, Inference, Communication, and Problem-solving.


This article from identifies the following critical thinking skills:

  • Observation. Requires you to slow down and to pay more attention to what is happening around you. You also need to ensure that you do not ignore information or data that might prove you wrong.
  • Analysis. Good analysis might require some deep thinking. You might need to read books and articles in detail to fully understand the topic you are investigating.
  • Inference. Is about drawing a conclusion based on limited information—in other words, making an educated guess.
  • Communicate.  When you reach a conclusion about a topic, you need to explain exactly how you reached that conclusion.
  • Problem-solving.  The final stage is applying your thinking to executing a solution to the problem under consideration.

Think about these five skills and how they can be applied in your workplace.