The modern world, with all its distractions, can inhibit our ability to focus. But the author of this article asserts that an ancient technique offers a means to increase our attention span.


This article by Kevin Dickinson, writing for Big Think, makes the following points:
  • Attention is a scarce economic resource; you only have so much to give in your lifetime.
  • Life's modern distractions, such as news and social media, may have overwhelmed our evolutionarily-designed attention span.
  • Hijacked attention can manifest as anxiety and worry.
  • Disconnected attention keeps us detached from others.
  • According to one neuroscientist, just 12 minutes of mindfulness training daily strengthens our attention-related biological systems.
  • Just as exercise trains the body, mindfulness trains the mind by strengthening your meta-awareness—that is, your ability to become more aware.


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