This article claims that rates of anger, anxiety and aggression in some workplaces might be accelerating. The author asserts that there are various reasons for increasing anger and that workplace anger and anxiety could be the new normal.


This article by Jan Bruce, writing for Forbes, makes the following points:
  • In Gallup’s 2022 workforce poll, 44 per cent of the world’s employees experienced anxiety, anger and/or sadness on s regular basis.
  • The latest Mercer Report shows that 81 per cent of workers are burned out, while employers are struggling with high rates of mental health issues and continued shortages of practitioners.
  • These accelerating trends are now the new normal in our lives.
  • Leaders must recognize that effective mental health support—preventive and clinical—is a core requirement and might be essential for organizational success.
  • Leaders need to read their people, make policy adjustments to address physical and psychological safety, and support their people in obtaining the help they might need.


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